Monday, July 22, 2013

This is a link to my Diigo account. I have not used it much, I think because I have used Delicious in the past, and I didn't see the need to change tools that do much of the same things.
Edmodo is a  social networking site for educators and students. It has a look like Facebook and allows many of the same type of activities; however, it is designed to be used in education. It's great for teachers to post assignments, calendars, announcements, and even has a gradebook. Many have found that where Facebook might be frowned upon, Edmodo is welcomed. I use this in teacher education as an example of what my future teachers might use, especially if other social networking sites are banned.
XtraNormal Sample
Here's a link to a YouTube video that I created using XtraNormal. I am using this in an online course for faculty.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is a part of Google Circles. You can create a hangout and invite up to 9 other people to join you. Participants in the hangout are all connected via audio and video, and you can actually see and hear everybody. The hangout has a way of focusing on the person talking, so it's best if all don't do it at once. You can also share files and even take control of another computer, provided the person gives permission.

I can see this being used in a synchronous setting in place of something more expensive like BlackBoard Collaborate. It could also be used to help someone who had a computer problem as though you were right there.
Google Drive
Google Drive actually has lots of functions. One of them is as an assessment or survey tool. Specifically, you would use Google Forms for this. Forms lets you design quizzes or surveys using a variety of question types. Results are conveniently dumped into your spreadsheet, also in Google Drive. I have my students use Forms to create their own tests, which they administer to several people. They then analyze the results using the data from the spreadsheet. It also gives them practice in designing good questions for assessment.

XtraNormal is a fun site that allows choosing characters and making them come to life. You can write a script, which your characters will recite, or you can provide the audio files for their voices. You can also direct their movements, expressions, and even camera angles. Educators can get points, which you use to "buy" characters, and extras. Others can use this for free but are limited in selections.

My educational psychology students use this tool to create videos of classroom management scenarios. They make one showing the wrong way to handle a situation, and one to show a better way to handle it.